FusionPBX Транзит

Для маршрутизации транзитного вызова в FusionPBX необходимо прописать входящий маршрут.

Для этого создаем Inbound Route

И приводим его к следующему виду

Tag Type Data
condition destination_number ^(74951234567)$
action set call_direction=inbound
action bridge sofia/gateway/Имя Шлюза(Gateway)/$1
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  • Voip.ms is more of a retail type service than wholesale. They are trying to charge extra for all the PBX features they are adding but if you are using FusionPBX then you don’t need those, except for maybe SMS. You can get cheaper minutes elsewhere on more enterprise oriented wholesale services that are more suited for PBX use. I am starting to use Telnyx quite a bit. They have European PoPs and sell European DIDs. Also look into AnveoDirect. I believe they use VoxBone for DIDs and VoxBone is based in Belgium. Anveo has very inexpensive DIDs if you don’t buy enough to get volume discounts from Telnyx. They are also media direct and allow you to choose which carriers you want to use for outbound. Telnyx is different in that they use their own private managed network for voice transit. So theoretically not as vulnerable to any net neutrality shenanegans by ISP’s and better for long haul calls.

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